First class teacher and person

Created by Philip 5 months ago

I am sorry to have happened to have come across this website so many months after the passing of Robin Pottinger and am therefore late in the day in adding a story.

I agree completely with David's story about what an inspiring teacher Robin was.  He taught me 'O' Level then 'A' Level Greek and Latin at Chichester High School for Boys in the 1970s and was my form master there for two of those years.  He was immaculate in every way: brilliant at teaching and enabling others to learn, incredibly hard-working, very thoughtful, intent on developing the potential of those he taught - too many qualities to try to encapsulate.  Certain phrases he used such as: 'you've made a bit of a pig's ear with that translation' and 'I'm afraid I'm going to need to dock you a mark' still come back to me all these years later. 

Those who have contributed to this site have also helped filled out the picture of the man for whom my impression is only partial, especially his years before teaching at university, on the farm and life after teaching.  As well as an excellent classicist, I remember he had a love of classical music - especially opera - which I shared and we sometimes discussed, and also loved rugby, amongst many other pursuits and interests.

Ave atque vale (Catullus 101)